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5 Indications Your School Cleaning Service Isn't Doing a Thorough Job

How A Clean Office Improves Morale and Employee Retention

On average, typical office workers spend one-third of their life at work - either in offices or meeting rooms. With all this time spent in the office, the work environment has a huge impact on your employee’s physical and mental well-being. As such, there is no doubt that a clean and comfortable work environment will have positive effects on an employee’s health and willingness to work.

Office cleanliness may not be a top priority, but it is definitely important to the overall well-being and success of the company. Ensuring that your employees have a clean and comfortable space to work in is key to good employee morale and helps with employee retention in a few different ways. Keep on reading to find out how exactly workplace cleanliness is important to employee retention, and how partnering with a professional janitorial services firm may be of value to your company.

1. Decreased Stress Levels

For a majority of people, having to work in a messy or dirty environment will have negative effects on their stress levels and overall mental health. Clutter and untidiness can also increase stress when employees are struggling to find important documents or supplies they need.

It is inevitable that employees will feel some amount of stress at times due to work burdens, but having a clean and comfortable place to work can help minimize and decrease this stress.

2. Improved Focus and Productivity

A clean workplace also helps minimize clutter and gives employees easier access to resources they may need, such as documents, files, supplies, and other tools. With quick and easy access to these resources, employees can be more productive as they’re not wasting time looking for lost items.

Furthermore, a clean workspace also helps with focus. As the saying goes, “Clean your space, clear your mind.” Cleaning up the office creates an environment where employees can focus on their tasks and be more productive, without dirt and grime to distract them.

3. Setting The Right Tone

The office environment reflects on company culture as well and sends a message to both employees and clients about the company and the quality of work you do.

Having a clean office environment sets a tone of professionalism and gives employees a sense of pride in their work. It is also a clear sign to employees that their employers care about them to provide them with a clean work environment.

This is not only evident to current employees, but also to future possible employees who come in for interviews. Clients as well will be impressed with a clean and organized office and this will leave a positive impression that helps build your company image.

4. Fewer Illnesses and Absences

A dirty office is one way to ensure the rampant spread of illness and germs around the office. Germs and the occasional sickness are inevitable and will happen once in a while, as bacteria and viruses are sure to gather in a few key spots in the office. However, a dirty office will expedite this and encourage disease transmission.

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years, it is all the more crucial to keep offices and other common spaces disinfected and clean, to avoid preventable illnesses. With fewer employee absences, money will be saved from reduced production, missed workdays and increased healthcare costs.

Keep Your Office Clean With a Professional Cleaning Service

Here at The Common Good Cleaning Company, we believe that everyone deserves and should have a clean and comfortable environment to work in. Our dependable and trustworthy cleaning team is sure to help you achieve cleanliness in your office and give your employees an optimal working environment.

If these benefits sound great to you and you commercial cleaning services in the Minneapolis - St Paul area, it’s time to reach out to a professional cleaning company like ourselves. Contact us today to get started on your cleaning needs.


We are proud to provide commercial cleaning solutions for Minneapolis - St. Paul area businesses. With a belief that cleanliness is an essential part of your business, we are dedicated to supporting your... employees, clients, patrons, tenants, students and visitors with a clean and healthy environment. Find out more >


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