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Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings

Caring and dependable partners to keep your unique space clean

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The Common Good Cleaning Company is your trusted partner in maintaining clean and sanitary facilities for your employees, clients, patrons, tenants, students and visitors.

While every industry has a unique set of risks and requirements, a workplace needs to consistently achieve, and maintain, an optimal level of cleanliness to succeed. Find out how we can help keep your facility clean and sanitary, for the long term.

Types of Commercial Buildings We Clean

Office Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Office Cleaning


Your valued employees may spend up to 40+ hours at the office each week, every week. They deserve a hygienic workplace with stocked and sanitary restrooms and common areas. We provide predictable and dependable office cleaning services throughout the greater Minneapolis area.

Industrial Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Industrial Cleaning


In industrial settings, prioritizing staff safety is critical for your business’ success. Protect your team with a clean and sanitary environment. Our industrial cleaning services keep your plant safe and productive, enabling you to focus on mission-critical operations.

Health Care Facilities Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Health Care Facilities Cleaning


Meeting sanitation standards is essential in health care facilities. You need a highly-competent partner who you can trust to deliver effective and compliant healthcare cleaning services  with remarkably consistent results.

Condominium & Apartment Building Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Condominium & Apartment Building Cleaning


Cleanliness can make or break a potential resident’s decision to sign a lease in your residential complex. We keep office spaces, lobbies, gyms, and elevators at local Twin Cities condo and apartment complexes clean to improve your residents’ quality of life and prospects’ first impressions.

Warehouse Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Warehouse Cleaning


Large footprint? No problem. We are warehouse cleaning specialists experienced in keeping warehouses and distribution centers like yours clean. We clean floors of dirt and grime, clean up spills, kill germs, and protect your team's health and safety.

School Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

School Cleaning


With thousands of faculty members, staff, and students moving across campuses every day, schools get dirty quickly. Our janitorial teams clean hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms, offices, classrooms, and more each day with a diligent and meticulous approach.

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Achieve the level of clean your business deserves

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