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5 Benefits of Creating a Healthy Work Environment

5 Benefits of Creating a Healthy Work Environment

According to research performed by the University of Arizona, the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. This disturbing fact exemplifies the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Arranging for regular janitorial cleaning and sanitizing services helps your business to experience these five benefits of creating a healthy work environment.

Increased Job Satisfaction

When a company prioritizes its strongest asset, its people, it experiences greater benefits. Employees who feel comfortable in their work environment are more likely to feel happy while at work. This feeling of happiness contributes to a maintained interest in work and reduced risk of burnout. Therefore, contracting with professional janitorial services directly contributes to cultivating a healthy and comfortable work environment.

Positive Corporate Image

Maintaining a healthy work environment directly contributes to creating positive morale and culture. This simple act by the company shows its employees that they are valued and cared for. When employees feel supported and happy at their place of work, they are more likely to work hard and speak positively about their employer. This show of concern contributes to a better reputation within the industry so that the company stands out among its competitors. Not only will this positive corporate image help attract new talent, but it will also work to attract new clients.

Reduced Absentee Rates

When a company invests in the health and wellness of its employees, it can reduce tardiness and absenteeism. An unhealthy work environment has far-reaching consequences beyond overflowing trash cans or a poorly stocked bathroom. Employees can begin to not care about their own wellness, resulting in greater occurrences of illness. Frequently sick employees increase tardiness and absenteeism. A company that maintains a clean facility is taking the first step towards maintaining a healthy work environment.

Lower Turnover Rates

Replacing an employee can cost 25-200% of the position’s salary. When multiple employees leave, this represents an ever-increasing expense that can cripple a company. Maintaining a healthy work environment can address several of the reasons that cause an employee to leave a company.

  • Feeling disrespected

  • Feeling burnt out

  • Company culture

  • Strained relationship with management

Reducing turnover aids in the reduction of recruiting and onboarding costs. Productivity also increases as projects are not stagnated by lack of person-power or learning curves as new employees catch up. In addition, employees have the ability to develop relationships with each other to foster a stronger sense of collaboration.

Create a Healthy Work Environment With Common Good Cleaning Company

It is the responsibility of the business to cultivate a healthy work environment. Employees depend on upper management to ensure the culture and workspace are what they want to be in. Remember, employees spend the majority of their time in the office, so maintaining a healthy environment is crucial to their long-term job satisfaction. Invest in your greatest asset, the team that works hard to make your business a success.

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