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The Top Cleaning Supplies Every Cleaning Company Needs

The Top Cleaning Supplies Every Cleaning Company Needs

Maintaining a clean and sanitized environment is crucial for any commercial cleaning company. Whether you are responsible for office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, or residential complexes, having the right cleaning supplies is essential to ensure efficient and effective cleaning operations. In this blog post, we will highlight the top cleaning supplies that every Minneapolis commercial cleaning company needs to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution that can be used on various surfaces, including countertops, floors, glass, and stainless steel. Look for a cleaner that is effective against a wide range of germs and bacteria, while also being safe for use around people and pets.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are an essential tool for any commercial cleaning company. These cloths are highly effective in capturing dust, dirt, and bacteria, and they can be used on different surfaces without leaving streaks or lint behind. They are durable, reusable, and provide superior cleaning compared to traditional cotton or paper towels.

Mops and Brooms

A high-quality mop and broom are essential for maintaining clean floors. Opt for a mop with a removable and washable head, allowing for easy maintenance and preventing the spread of germs. A sturdy broom with fine bristles is ideal for sweeping up dust and debris from hard floors or carpets.

Vacuum Cleaner

Investing in a reliable vacuum cleaner is crucial, especially if your commercial cleaning company is responsible for cleaning carpets and upholstery. Look for a vacuum that has strong suction power, adjustable height settings, and attachments for reaching tight corners and crevices.


Disinfectants have become more important than ever before. Choose disinfectants that are effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Ensure that they are approved by regulatory bodies and follow the recommended contact time for maximum efficacy.

Gloves and Protective Gear

Protecting your cleaning staff is paramount. Provide them with high-quality gloves, goggles, masks, and other necessary protective gear to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals, pathogens, and allergens. Safety should always be a priority in any cleaning operation.

Trash Bags

A reliable supply of durable trash bags is essential to keep your cleaning operations running smoothly. Choose bags that are tear-resistant and have appropriate capacities for different trash volumes. Consider eco-friendly options to align with sustainable practices.

Floor Cleaners and Polishes

For a sparkling and well-maintained floor, invest in appropriate floor cleaners and polishes. Depending on the flooring type, such as vinyl, hardwood, or tile, choose products specifically designed for those surfaces. Regular cleaning and polishing will not only enhance the appearance but also prolong the life of the flooring.

A well-equipped commercial cleaning company is better prepared to provide exceptional cleaning services. By investing in the essential cleaning supplies mentioned above, you can ensure a clean, hygienic, and safe environment for your clients. Remember to keep up with the latest advancements in cleaning technology and products to stay ahead in the industry. With the right tools at your disposal, your Minneapolis commercial cleaning company can deliver outstanding results and foster positive relationships with clients who value cleanliness and professionalism.

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