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Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company in Minneapolis Before Partnering with Them

Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company in Minneapolis Before Partnering with Them

The 117 billion dollar US commercial cleaning market is comprised of businesses that range in size from small mom-and-pop local establishments to national operations. Sorting through the range of commercial cleaning services can feel like an overwhelming task. To streamline the selection process, building and business managers should utilize a systematic approach. Ask these questions of a prospective commercial cleaning company to get a better understanding of what it has to offer.

What Is Your Employee Hiring and Training Process?

Ask the commercial cleaning company to explain its hiring and training processes. The goal is to identify a cleaning service that only hires top-quality talent and then invests in that talent with effective training. Ask the cleaning company if they perform background checks. This ensures that only trustworthy individuals enter your place of business. The training provided should encompass best practices and equipment operation.

What Is the Company’s Professional Reputation?

The reputation of a business can indicate what it would be like to work with a company. For example, a commercial cleaning company with a strong reputation for thoroughness and dependability should garner stronger consideration than one with questionable reviews. Do your due diligence by reading online reviews and/or requesting references. While a company cannot please everyone, look for a cleaning service that can take responsibility and demonstrate grace when faced with customer complaints.

What Services Do You Offer?

The commercial cleaning company hired by a business needs to provide the services needed for that specific business. The more services the company offers, the more streamlined facility cleaning and management become. For example, The Common Good Cleaning Company offers janitorial, carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, and window cleaning services. This allows CGC to address most of the needs in each area of its facility.

There are no long-term contracts to sign. A business can create the ideal cleaning schedule to meet the needs of the company and facility. With only a 14-day notice required for changes, businesses can adjust the cleaning services employed to meet the changing needs of the business.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

When hiring an outside company to provide a service on business property, always ask if that business is licensed and insured. Reputable cleaning businesses can readily provide proof of licensing and insurance. For instance, Workers compensation Insurance protects the cleaning employees and General Liability insurance can cover damages that happen while the cleaning professionals perform their job duties.

What Is Your Pricing?

Looking for the cheapest commercial cleaning service and blindly hiring a company based purely on low price rarely results in quality work. While you should look for the best commercial cleaning service available in Minneapolis, you also need to make fiscally responsible decisions.

Speak With Common Good Cleaning Company

The cleaning professionals at the Common Good Cleaning Company take pride in their work. Each client’s facility is approached with unwavering dedication. By offering a range of services, we are able to offer customized cleaning plans that address the cleaning needs of each facility inside and out. This commitment to excellence and servicing flexibility has earned us a strong reputation with our clients.

Request a quote for commercial cleaning services and experience top-quality cleaning services. Our services are available in the following areas: Eagan, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, and throughout the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area.



We are proud to provide commercial cleaning solutions for Minneapolis - St. Paul area businesses. With a belief that cleanliness is an essential part of your business, we are dedicated to supporting your... employees, clients, patrons, tenants, students and visitors with a clean and healthy environment. Find out more >


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