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Details Count: 5 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Increase Productivity

Details Count: 5 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Increase Productivity

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity has increased an average of 2% per year over the last 80 years. However, this is not applicable in recent years. Post-Covid, employees' hours have increased while productivity has significantly decreased. This is especially applicable to 2022, where productivity dropped 7.5% in Q1 and another 4.6% in Q2.

By hiring an outside commercial cleaning service, companies can see productivity improvements. Learn about the far-reaching productivity benefits of commercial cleaning services.

1. Happy Employees Perform Better

Employees perform their duties better and are more productive when they are in a clean environment. The Clorox Company conducted a study that found a correlation between a clean space and an individual’s happiness, resulting in several benefits to mental health.

  • 80 percent of people are more relaxed

  • 60 percent are less stressed

  • 72 percent are more productive

  • 77 percent can focus better

These are more than anecdotal observations, as a study by Oxford University found that happy workers are 13% more productive. Commercial cleaning creates a routine that addresses the specific needs of your facility. This ensures that areas that experience the most wear and tear get the most intensive cleaning for maximum benefit.

2. Safe Environments Reduce Injuries

In 2020, worker illnesses and injuries averaged 2.7 per 100 workers. Routine commercial cleaning contributed to the reduction of these numbers by ensuring commercial spaces stay safer. Comprehensive commercial cleaning can address a broad range of cleaning needs, from water spills to hazardous chemicals. A clean worksite is more readily inspected. This can prevent accidental injury from broken or malfunctioning machinery.

3. Sanitation Prevents Sick Days

In January 2022, 7.8 million workers had an illness-related work absence. This results in significant costs for employers. In 2019, employee illness cost employers $575 billion. Commercial cleaning can contribute to the reduction of these costs with sanitization services. These services focus on high-traffic areas where cross-contamination and the accumulation of bacteria and viruses are high.

The reduction of viruses and bacteria results in a reduced risk of employees getting sick. Fewer sick days taken means increased productivity as employees stay present to perform their duties. This reduces the add-on workload across the present employees while ensuring the most qualified person performs each task.

4. Reduce Wasted Time

When a workspace is not clean, it delays productivity by frustrating your employee’s efforts. Instead of immediately commencing work, employees must clean and organize first. This delays the completion of assigned tasks and causes frustration of productivity goals. In addition, a dirty and disorganized workspace slows the work process. This creates delays throughout the workflow, further slowing productivity.

Improve Productivity With Commercial Cleaning

Implementing commercial cleaning protocols improves employee productivity by reducing the risk of injury and illness, thereby increasing the number of work days employees are present at work. It also improves productivity by creating a clean and organized environment that improves employee concentration and morale.

Schedule commercial cleaning of your commercial space and see an increase in productivity.

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