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Importance of Keeping Schools Clean

Fighting Flu Season In The Office

While we didn’t see the typical “holiday bump” in COVID-19 and flu levels in the second half of December, as we gear up after the New Year, it is important to remember that the workplace is one of the most common places where infectious diseases are spread.

Three years after the start of pandemic, while COVID-19 is still a concern for us, we have become more relaxed with sickness protocols. We must stay vigilant to keep the viruses at bay and prevent the spreading of the flu, and other ailments, around the office. Here are four ways that you can fight the flu season in your workplace.

Encourage employees to take care of their health

There are some small acts that you can do to encourage your employees to take care of their health during flu season. Weekly emails can be sent out to remind employees to practice self-care, such as reminding them to keep up with their yearly flu shots and to stay hydrated. Signs can also be put up around the office to frequently remind employees to wash their hands with soap and water. These acts may seem very small and insignificant, but they go a long way in promoting a culture around the workplace of being health conscious.

Give sick employees time to recover

In the case where employees do fall ill, you should encourage them to stay home and rest, rather than them powering through the work day. This way, these sick employees can recover quicker and get back to work sooner. By staying home, they also prevent the spread of viruses, and other germs, to their coworkers.

Some employers may be reluctant to give employees paid time off, but it pays off when employees can fully recover and head back to work sooner. This could also lead to lower turnover rates, as employees would want to work in a company that cares about their well-being. Furthermore, with telecommuting and work-from-home arrangements being fairly common as a result of the pandemic, there are ways for employees to contribute to work without physically being in the office.

Keep office stocked with supplies

It is a good idea to keep the office stocked with any supplies needed to help keep employees healthy. One good way to do so is to have hand sanitizer dispensers at the door so employees can sanitize their hands right as they enter work. Tissues are also useful to have around the office for everyone to use. If there is a pantry or kitchen area in the office, it may also be a nice touch to stock it with tea and Vitamin-C-rich juices for the team.

Regular cleaning of spaces

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, there should be regularly scheduled commercial cleaning of the office and any other common areas. The dirt and grime that gradually accumulates around the office encourages the spread of germs and viruses. Hence, the office should be kept as clean as possible to prevent the spread of germs. As they say, an ounce of preventoin is worth a pound of cure.

Depending on how your space is utilized, the gradual buildup of dirt is something that may or may not be noticeable, but weekly commercial cleaning is highly recommended to maintain a sanitary work environment. While there should be regular commercial cleaning of the office throughout the year, it may be a good idea to increase the frequency of these cleanings during flu season.

Hire commercial cleaning services for your office

A clean workplace is essential to keeping germs at bay during flu season and to ensuring productivity in the workplace. Hiring reputable commercial cleaning companies is a key way to ensure that your office spaces are kept clean and sanitary.

For commercial cleaning services, including contract cleaning services, commercial carpet cleaning, and window cleaning services, reach out to us at The Common Good Cleaning Company. We provide commercial cleaning solutions in the Minneapolis - St Paul area and are dedicated to making sure you have a clean and healthy living environment. Our dependable and trustworthy cleaning team is sure to help you achieve cleanliness in your office and give your employees an optimal working environment.


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