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What Do Your Windows Say About Your Company Image?

What Do Your Windows Say About Your Company Image?

Making a good first impression is about more than choosing the right furnishings or decor. It is also about how well you maintain the space. For example, a simple office that is kept spotless is more impressive than a fancy office that is dirty. Part of office cleaning is maintaining the building. So, what are your building’s windows saying about your company?


Your company office needs to present the same professional first impression that your employees make. Dirty windows give the impression of unprofessionalism. The assumption is, if your company doesn’t care enough to keep a clean office, will it care enough to provide great service to its customers? Regular window cleaning, especially the entrances and adjacent panes, keeps the building looking cared for and presentable to customers.

Financial Strength

When a company struggles financially, it cuts all its expendable services and costs. For many, this includes building maintenance. If your company windows are dirty, it could give the impression that your company is having a difficult time. Conversely, if your windows and building are clean, you project an image of success to your clients and prospects.

Employee Care

Clean windows allow more natural light to make its way into the building. A building that keeps its windows clean cares about its employees and their mental health. The more natural light that comes into the building, the more energetic and positive the employees feel. Conversely, dirty windows give the impression that the company does not care about creating a positive and productive work environment for its employees.


A run-down and dirty-looking building makes a business look less impressive. As a result, a potential client or customer may feel that the business is not worth their time or money. Unfortunately, this first impression can cause people to choose another business to work with. You do not want to lose business simply because someone does not like your appearance.


Now more than ever, importance is put on employee health and care. A significant part of this is keeping the work environment clean. After all, dirty surfaces harbor bacteria and germs that could make people sick. Dirty windows on the outside signal a dirty building and bathrooms inside. Those viewing the company building may assume that the employees aren’t cared for. Window cleaning is important because a clean outside signals a clean inside. This is especially true for windows near the buildings' entrances. As these windows get the most attention and get dirty the fastest.

Make a Good First Impression

The simple task of cleaning your company’s building windows can make all of the difference in the world. Clean windows make the building look cared for. A well-cared-for building is a sign of a company that has its financials in order and prioritizes its employees. Potential customers find that clean windows make the building feel more welcoming, making them more likely to come inside and patronize your business.

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