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How Professional Janitorial Services Can Improve Company Morale

How Professional Janitorial Services Can Improve Company Morale

According to Business New Daily, the average cost of hiring a new employee is about $4,000. Poor company morale can lead to increased employee turnover, representing avoidable employee replacement costs.

The solution to taming this potentially budget crippling expense is to address the root of the issue. Improving company morale reduces turnover by improving employee satisfaction and increases engagement. For too long, business owners, executives, and managers focused on perks to improve morale. However, the solution is simpler than this. Professional office cleaners and janitorial services can improve the work environment, thereby improving employee morale.

Employee Engagement Drivers

For employees to feel motivated enough to be actively engaged while at work, they need to feel valued by the organization and that the organization is committed to creating a great workplace. Commercial cleaners directly contribute to both of these requirements by ensuring employees work in a clean and well cared for workspace.

By hiring professional janitorial services, the organization communicates to its employees that it cares about the condition of the building and the workspace the employees occupy. A great place to work is one that is clean and well organized. The organization cares about its employees because it ensures the environment is clean, free of trash, and safe. Employees also feel neglected if a company doesn’t utilize a janitorial service and allows the workspace to become dirty and neglected. Disengaged employees cost businesses $450 to $550 billion each year.

Productivity and Mindset

Employees working in an organized and clutter-free environment are more productive. This isn’t just a passing observation. Scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute proved this through the study of MRIs that showed the effect of visual disorganization on brain function. Clutter-free and organized environments promoted increased brain function during information processing and focusing. Employees that are able to accomplish their tasks and feel productive tend to have a more positive mindset towards their company and their role in the overall organization. This sense of belonging and satisfaction contributes to improved morale.

The Impact of Turnover

High employee turnover undermines an organization’s efforts to improve overall employee morale. The consistent loss of familiar faces and the introduction of new ones makes it impossible to develop trust or meaningful interpersonal relationships. This lack of connection results in employees feeling disconnected from the organization as a whole. It also becomes challenging to establish positive morale, let alone maintain it. Having a dedicated janitorial service establishes that an organization cares about and is invested in the success of its employees. Individuals who feel valued are more likely to stay, thereby reducing turnover.

Improve Company Morale With The Common Good Cleaning Company

Organizations need to hire a reputable and dependable cleaning services company to experience the greatest benefit from professional janitorial cleaning services. The Common Good Cleaning Company prides itself on providing janitorial services that go above baseline standards to ensure its clients’ offices are always clean. This commitment to excellence contributes to improved company morale.

Request a quote for janitorial services and take the first step towards improving your company morale. Our services are available in the following areas: Eagan, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, and throughout the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area.


We are proud to provide commercial cleaning solutions for Minneapolis - St. Paul area businesses. With a belief that cleanliness is an essential part of your business, we are dedicated to supporting your... employees, clients, patrons, tenants, students and visitors with a clean and healthy environment. Find out more >


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