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5 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Need Thorough Commercial Cleaning Partners

5 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Need Thorough Commercial Cleaning Partners

The Minnesota healthcare system cared for over 450,000 inpatients and 11.3 million outpatients in 2019. Each person sought treatment and trusted the skilled medical professionals to deliver much-needed care. However, it is likely that the majority of these patients and clients didn’t think about the time and effort that went into ensuring the medical facility was properly cleaned and ready for them.

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of a medical facility are a must to ensure the safety of the patients. Working with a professional commercial cleaning partner can ensure a medical facility exceeds expectations.

1. Industry Compliance Standards

One of the most well-known health care facility accreditation organizations is The Joint Commission (JCAHO). A medical facility that fails to meet or exceeds expectations, as required by their accrediting bodies, and their local government, faces costly violation citations and, in some situations, the possibility of a shut down. Not only does this put the hospital at risk, but it endangers the patients seeking treatment. Other industry organizations that influence operational regulations include:

  • CDC

  • APIC


  • AORN

2. Sterile Environment

Patient safety is paramount in a medical facility. Thorough disinfection is a must to protect the health of the individuals seeking treatment, as well as those providing care. According to research performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hospitals experienced a 14% increase in hospital-onset MRSA bacteremia between 2020 and 2021. This significant rise highlights the need for dedicated cleaning and disinfecting in a medical environment.

3. Building Maintenance

In addition to medical grade cleaning, a health care facility requires routine upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. A commercial cleaning partner is able to provide the appropriate services that the building needs. These services include floor refinishing, carpet cleaning, and window washing. This extends the useful life of the building, which, aside from the people that work within its walls, is the medical organization’s most valuable asset.

4. Expertise and Consistency

Modern medical facilities are complex organizations with horizontal or vertical integrations that closely resemble a corporation. With the onset of Covid, financial records have become a central focus as 29 of the 128 hospitals operating in Minnesota have negative margins. Facilities with negative margins are at an increased risk of closure, resulting in a greater strain on the surrounding community. Contracting with a commercial cleaning partner can aid in the improvement of margins through reduced overhead and employment costs.

5. Patient Satisfaction

For a medical facility to remain open, it needs to achieve profitability. To do this, it should have patient and visitor satisfaction. The facility should exceed expectations through consistent and thorough cleaning. The patient experience begins when they come through the door, so a properly cleaned and maintained facility sets the tone for the rest of the experience.

Work With a Thorough Commercial Cleaning Partner

Medical facilities in Minneapolis that work with a commercial cleaning partner allow its staff to focus on patient care, while the cleaning partner focuses on maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. The result is a medical facility that meets or exceeds industry cleaning standards and regulations, patient expectations, and financial goals. Request a quote today and let Common Good Cleaning address your medical facility’s cleaning needs.

Our services are available in the following areas: Eagan, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, and throughout the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area.


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