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5 Indications Your School Cleaning Service Isn't Doing a Thorough Job

5 Indications Your School Cleaning Service Isn't Doing a Thorough Job

Unclean bathrooms have a negative impact on students’ impressions. According to a survey conducted by Buildings magazine, 68% of students agree that poorly maintained bathrooms show that the school and its management do not care about the students.

Unfortunately, it may not be the school that’s failing when it comes to proper cleaning practices. School cleaning services are responsible for the day-to-day cleaning tasks.

Keep an eye out for these five signs that your school cleaning service isn’t doing a thorough job.

1. Unpleasant Smells

Sometimes it isn’t what you see but what you smell. While there are a plethora of smells at schools, there are some that shouldn’t be present. For example, if you smell bodily fluids, especially urine in the bathrooms in the morning upon arrival, it is a sign that the cleaning service isn’t doing a thorough job. There could also be the presence of mold or mildew, signaling that areas of the school are going uncleaned and perhaps neglected for extended periods.

2. Stains

Staining happens when the janitorial staff doesn’t thoroughly clean a surface regularly. Over time, a substance that dirties the surface eventually causes the underlying material to stain. For example, water that is high in iron, also called hard water, creates an orange-red stain that grows darker over time. Mold is another issue that can cause staining.

Children are also messy, causing spills that stain from various mystery substances. Spaghetti sauce, which is red and acidic, comes to mind. Regular cleaning solutions and techniques may not be enough to eliminate these spills. If you see spill stains after the cleaners come through, it is a sign that your cleaning service isn’t taking the necessary steps to address, or use the proper solutions, on these stubborn stains.

3. Higher Than Normal Sick Rates

Schools are hotspots of viruses and bacteria. Children do not always practice the best hygiene, which can lead to the spread of illnesses. However, lackluster cleaning can allow bacteria and viruses to spread even faster, which can be seen through an increase in higher-than-normal sick rates.

4. Dirty Floors

Maintaining clean floors does more than make a school clean and welcoming. It also ensures the safety of those walking on it. Floors could look dirty because of a lack of thorough cleaning, especially in the winter when salt and sand, used on streets and sidewalks, are tracked in. This can also be seen in hard-to-reach places, such as along the walls, in the corners, or under furniture. However, floors could also look dirty because of sloppy cleaning practices. For example, once mop water becomes too dirty, the mop just spreads more dirt onto the floor instead of cleaning it.

5. Gathering Dust

The difference between a mediocre school cleaning service and a great one is the attention to detail. Dust is one of the most often missed cleaning tasks in schools. Unfortunately, this means it builds on flat surfaces throughout the year. The school begins to look lackluster and neglected. Air quality begins to decrease. Look at your horizontal surfaces, such as blinds, shelving, and fixtures. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Hire a Better School Cleaning Service

If you notice these five issues in your school, it’s a sign that your school cleaning service isn’t doing a thorough job. It is time to consider replacing your lackluster cleaning service with one that can deliver. With the right cleaning service in place, the school will look cleaner, be safer, be better maintained, and make a better student impression.

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