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5 Benefits of Preventive Cleaning & Maintenance for Your Minneapolis Business Office

5 Benefits of Preventive Cleaning & Maintenance for Your Minneapolis Business Office

Utilizing preventive cleaning and maintenance for a Minneapolis business office is an integral element of an operations plan. According to a survey performed by the Cleaning Coalition of America, 77.2% of employees believe that a workplace should be cleaned at least once daily. Preventative cleaning and maintenance address the daily janitorial tasks that keep an office clean and the building maintenance tasks that extend the longevity of the office facility.

1. Company Culture

The office is the physical embodiment of the company culture. If employees feel as though ownership and upper management do not care, then the employees will not care. Because the relationship between these two parties is reciprocal, it is crucial that upper management fosters a strong company culture. When employees care, it shows that they respect the organization and, more importantly, also feel respected. This mutual respect helps unify a group of people to work towards a single goal. Maintaining a clean and safe office environment is one of the first, and easiest, steps in showing employees that a business is invested in them.

2. Building Longevity

Empty buildings decay faster than ones that are occupied. It is generally accepted that a vacant building ages five years for every one year of aging for an occupied building. This is because the occupants maintain and care for the building. While a vacant building has no one caring for it. Applying this theory to your office building, Regular preventive cleaning and maintenance ensures the longevity of the office building.

3. Maintain Fixtures and Assets

An office is more than a physical structure. It also includes the multitude of assets and fixtures in the building. Preventive cleaning and maintenance ensure that all of the fixtures stay clean and in good condition. For example, a neglected water cooler could harbor bacteria that make employees sick. A conference room could see heavy foot traffic that generates heavy wear and tear. Preventive cleaning removes dirt, debris, trash, and germs that build up during normal use of the facility.

4. Increased Productivity

When people work in a well-lit and clean workspace, they are more productive. The lack of visual clutter allows employees to feel confident in what they are tasked to do. A clean and organized work environment fosters better concentration, resulting in more work performed at a higher level of accuracy. Employees are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff around them, reducing the occurrence of procrastination.

5. Stronger Client/Customer Confidence

Modern marketing is about more than creating an eye-catching or buzz-worthy ad. Today’s marketing is about creating an entire brand image and identity. It spreads across all aspects, from print to digital and in-person. Preventive cleaning is crucial for ensuring your business maintains a positive brand image by making strong first impressions on customers and nurturing a caring and sanitary work environment for team members.

Work With a Preventive Cleaning Service

Hiring a preventive cleaning service places the task of cleaning and maintaining the office in the hands of professionals. This saves a business time and money while improving employee retention and client conversions. In addition, regular preventive cleaning and maintenance protect the business assets. Request a quote today for preventive cleaning services for your business.

Our services are available in the following areas: Eagan, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, and throughout the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area.


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