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Multi-Family Units & Condo Cleaning Maintenance: 5 Things Every Landlord Should Know

Multi-Family Units & Condo Cleaning Maintenance: 5 Things Every Landlord Should Know

The average monthly rent for an apartment in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area, is between $1,117 and $1,775, with Woodbury, Shakopee, Richfield, and Maple Grove seeing some of the fastest growth. As a result, owning a rental property in the Minneapolis area becomes a prime investment opportunity, but only if the building and units are properly maintained. Unlike owning a single-family rental home, multi-family units and condo buildings present unique challenges for maintenance and cleaning. These five things are imperative for every landlord to know.

1. Maintain the Common and Community Areas

An owner of a multi-family building is responsible for maintaining the community areas. Routine carpet care and professional floor refinishing ensures the flooring in the lobby, hallways, and other community areas are well maintained. This presents a strong first impression for potential tenants and guests. It also extends the useful life of the flooring and makes it easier to identify potential issues that need repairing.

2. Hire Professional Cleaners

A landlord of a multi-family unit or the owner of multiple properties will benefit from hiring professional cleaners. This removes the responsibility from the landlord and ensures there is a consistent level of cleanliness throughout the units. Work with a professional cleaning service that has the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of the building and units.

3. Clean the Windows

Tenants may or may not clean the inside of their unit’s windows. In addition, it is highly unlikely they will clean the outside of the windows. Depending on the building’s design, they may not even be able to if they wanted to. Commercial window cleaning ensures the building is clean, making a positive impression on current or future tenants. It also improves the appeal of the units by allowing more natural light in.

4. Clean the Carpets

Tenants are tough on rental properties, and the flooring is one area that receives some of the most use and abuse. Because of this, it is recommended that landlords thoroughly clean carpeting or other floorings between each tenant. Professional carpet cleaning ensures you get the maximum useful life out of the carpeting before it requires replacing.

5. Consider Seasonal Needs

Changing seasonal conditions impact how a landlord maintains a rental property. For example, Minnesota experienced abnormally high pollen counts in the spring of 2022. This could require an additional window cleaning post-pollen season to improve the look of the building. In contrast, the harsh winter months may require additional floor cleaning as tenants track slush and snow into the common areas of the building.

Hire Commercial Cleaners For Your Rental Units

Once an investor becomes the landlord of a multi-unit rental property, it becomes imperative to address the cleaning and maintenance needs of the individual units and the building as a whole. Working with a full-service cleaning company allows for rental management simplicity as the service becomes a singular resource for a unit turnaround, carpet cleaning, and floor refinishing. Request a quote for professional cleaning and floor refinishing service for your multi-family or condo building.

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