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5 Reasons to Consider Commercial Floor Refinishing Services

5 Reasons to Consider Commercial Floor Refinishing Services

The number one cause of accidental injury is slip and fall, amounting to $13-14 million in injury costs each year. Commercial floor refinishing, often called “stripping and waxing” not only makes your floors look beautiful, but it can help reduce the risk of a slip and fall. From looks to safety, these five reasons will have you ready to consider hiring commercial floor refinishing services.

1. First Impressions Matter

Your business has 7 seconds to make a good first impression on clients and consumers that visit your commercial space. It only takes a tenth of a second for someone to determine how trustworthy your business is. For example, heavily worn flooring looks aged and neglected. This creates a negative first impression of your business. Some people equate a poorly kept physical space as an indicator of the business's trustworthiness. For example, if the business can’t be bothered to take care of its office or store, why would it be bothered to take care of its employees or customers?

2. Longer Useful Life

When you adequately maintain the structural elements of your commercial building, the life span of your entire facility will increase. Regular foot traffic creates heavy wear and tear on the floor. Over time, the minor scuffs and scrapes become more serious damage. Eventually, the floor needs replacing because it is beyond repair.

Floor refinishing delays the significant expense of replacement by addressing minor issues early. It also applies a protective layer to the floor’s surface to help prevent damage in the future, further extending the useful life of the flooring.

3. Safety

It is a business’s responsibility to maintain safe premises for its employees, customers, and guests. One of the more significant elements of this is maintaining the flooring in your commercial building space. Because slips and falls are the number one cause of accidental injury, routine maintenance reduces your risk of a premises liability lawsuit.

4. Professional Expertise

Hiring a professional to refinish your floors gives your business the benefit of their professional experience. This person can also advise on the best practices for establishing a maintenance schedule and the best products for use on your particular floor. They will consider the type of flooring and the level of use the floor experiences. The services offered by your professional floor refinishing service should include the following:

  • Deep cleaning

  • Waxing

  • Buffing

  • Stripping

  • Scrubbing

  • Refinishing

5. Professional Quality Products

Professional floor refinishers have access to products and materials that are unavailable to the general public. While you could invest in a full suite of products, this is an investment that you do not need to do. Instead, Hire a professional who has their own floor refinishing tools and products.

Hire Commercial Floor Refinishing Services

A business has a duty to maintain a safe commercial space for its employees and customers. Commercial floor refinishing ensures that the flooring is well-kept. This ensures your business always makes the right first impression to those visiting your commercial space.

Our floor refinishing / stripping and waxing services are available in the following areas: Eagan, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, and throughout the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area.


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